Start Your Day Right: The Perfect Temp Means a Better Breakfast

Start Your Day Right: The Perfect Temp Means a Better Breakfast

Ice cream might be our raison d'être, but that doesn't mean our insulated bowls are just for dessert duty

September is Better Breakfast Month and we've rounded up so many ways these versatile bowls can be used to maintain the perfect temperature for all our breakfast favs. And, as much as we love ice cream (after all, that's why we created our smart and stylish bowls in the first place), we managed to leave it off this list. If ice cream is how you start your day (even sometimes), we raise a bowl to that!

It's often considered the most important meal of the day but that doesn't mean breakfast has to be boring. Kickstart your morning with a hearty and satisfying bowl, whether it's piping hot or refreshingly chilled, to fuel you up for the day ahead.


Betcha didn't think of this one. Pancakes (and waffles, and French toast) get cold so fast. We loved these mini pancakes and the bowl made for easy syrup dunking (cause what good is a pancake that isn't soaked in syrup?). Still rocking that mini pancake cereal trend from a couple years back? These bowls won't let you down.

Mini pancakes in Pink Hibiscus Calicle insulated bowl


Farmer's Breakfast
With all the food groups, this hot bowl is perfect for breakfast (or lunch, or dinner). Top roasted potatoes (or hashbrowns) with scrambled eggs, bacon and cheese (and veggies if desired). Feeling spicy? Top it with a bit of salsa, hot sauce, or jalapeños for a kick.

Farmer's Breakfast in Blue Seas Calicle insulated bowl


Apple Crisp
Is it dessert? Or breakfast? Apples and oats can rock either option as far as we're concerned.

Apple crisp in White Frost Calicle insulated bowl


Cold Cereal
Warm milk is not an issue with this snazzy bowl. Take your time and don't rush through it. Soggy cereal, on the other hand, we can't help there.

Pumpkin Spice Special K in White Frost Calicle insulated bowl


Smoothie Bowl
Blend up your favorite smoothie recipe and serve it up in our insulated bowls. They'll keep your smoothie from getting too soupy and are perfect for showcasing that Insta-worthy smoothie bowl art.

Strawberry smoothie in Blue Seas Calicle insulated bowl


Yogurt Parfait
Yogurt with your fav toppings? Whether you choose granola, fruit, chia or nuts, it's easy to make a nutritious breakfast that travels well with our included lid.

Yogurt parfait in Pink Hibiscus Calicle insulated bowl


You can’t go wrong with oatmeal – it’s filling, full of fiber and the topping options are endless. We love the endless topping ideas - but stuck with one of our favorites today - fresh blueberries. Not feeling hot oatmeal? Whip up some overnight oats for a quick and cool breakkie.

Hot oatmeal topped with blueberries in White Frost Calicle insulated bowl

Sure, it's technically a cold cereal, but we knew these crunchy clusters needed their own category (plus, we loved how delicious it looked in our blue seas bowl). Whether you pair it with milk or yogurt, this breakfast will keep you full until lunch.

Granola in Blue Seas Calicle insulated bowl


Fiber-rich, sweet and delicious, fruit is a great compliment to all the other breakfast options whether you get to enjoy it with a sweet view or not.

Fresh strawberries in Midnight Black Calicle insulated bowl


Any way you fill our insulated bowls, Calicle cups bring the heat (or chill), thanks to their vacuum insulation, keeping your food at just the right temperature for up to 200% longer than those standard bowls or plastic containers. Pop on the convenient (and included) lid to get out of the house quick enjoy a leisurely morning meal at home and get ready to slay the day.