Giving Back

We believe it's important to support organizations whose work is meaningful to us, so we donate 2% of our sales to support the Coral Reef Alliance and offer you the chance to help out as well.

Calicle is proud to support the Coral Reed Alliance

While we often think of coral as being a hard, rock-like structure, corals are actually animals. These animals, called coral polyps, secrete calcium carbonate which forms the hard structure we associate with coral. The polyps contain a microscopic algae (called zooxanthellae) which gives them their beautiful colors.

Did you know that our name, Calicle, was inspired by coral? Calicles (pronounced kal′i·kəl) are small, cuplike cavities, made of limestone, which make up the skeletons of most corals. We chose this name for several reasons including the fact that calicles happen to be bowl shaped and that our bowls are an eco-friendly, infinitely reusable product that can replace single use ones and help reduce our impact on the planet - including coral reefs.


Reefs support over 500 million people around the world

Coral reefs are not just pretty sights to see while snorkeling. They actually support over 500 million people around the world by providing food, income, coastal protection, and more. In addition to coral polyps, reefs are also home to sea sponges, crustaceans, fish, turtles, dolphins and many other animals and plants. Despite covering only 0.1% of the earth’s surface, coral reefs contain the highest number of species of any ecosystem besides the rainforests (that's over 4000 species of fish, 840 types of coral and more than 1 million other animals)!


Coral reefs are vital for medical research and treatments

Coral reefs also play a vital role in medical research - scientists have developed treatments for cardiovascular diseases, ulcers, and several cancers all from compounds found in reef plants and animals.


75% of the world's coral reefs are currently threatened

To ensure people and wildlife can continue relying on the lifesaving services coral reefs provide, we need to reduce threats to reefs. 75% of the world's coral reefs are currently threatened by stressors like poor water quality, marine heatwaves, pollution and overfishing.


The Coral Reef Alliance has used cutting-edge science and community engagement for nearly 30 years to reduce direct threats to reefs and to promote scalable and effective solutions for their protection. Learn more about their work here.


We're excited to partner with Pledge, because they make it easy to give back. By simplifying the logistics of fundraising, Pledge helps people, companies, and nonprofits to support their favorite causes around the world. To date, they have helped raise over 73 million dollars to benefit thousands of nonprofits.


We're proud to support the Coral Reef Alliance in protecting and preserving our planet's fragile reefs and are happy to work with Pledge to make this support accessible even as a small business.


If you wish to help, consider adding a donation at checkout on your next purchase in addition to our 2% contribution. Every cent adds up to make a difference.


“If you think you are too small to be effective, you have never been in bed with a mosquito.”

- Betty Reese