Hate when it melts too fast?

We do too.

It all began one scorching summer day in my hot, sticky kitchen. As I scooped my Ben & Jerry's® cookie dough ice cream into a bowl, I watched in dismay as it instantly began to melt.

I realized there had to be a better way to enjoy my favorite frozen treats and was sure others were frustrated by the same meltdown. Finding nothing stylish on the market that solved the problem, I decided to create it myself.

Calicle founder photoHey! I’m Jenn – ice cream lover (of course!), peanut butter addict, sea turtle enthusiast and fan of all things ocean related.

At Calicle, our goal is to provide our customers with thoughtfully designed, high quality, stylish products to help them enjoy life's sweet moments longer by keeping their favorite foods at the perfect temperature right to the last bite.

We hope our products inspire you to take time to savor the small moments and appreciate the simple pleasures of life.

Sustainability - bamboo forest


Our planet means the world to us!

In addition to providing reusable products which can help reduce the waste produced by single use items, we also use recyclable packaging materials. No harmful plastics here.

We're working on more ways to give back too. Check out how we support the coral reefs here.

Calicle - coral reef

Why Calicle?

Calicles (pronounced kal′i·kəl) are small cuplike cavities, made of limestone, that make up the skeletons of most corals.

We chose this name for several reasons including our love of the ocean, the fact that calicles are bowl shaped and, most importantly, that our eco- friendly, reusable product can replace single use ones and help reduce our impact on the planet - including coral reefs.

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