5 reasons why this cool bowl set is the best White Elephant gift

5 reasons why this cool bowl set is the best White Elephant gift

If you’ve struggled to find that perfect, quirky, and delightful gift for a White Elephant gift exchange you’re definitely not alone. Whether you call it a White Elephant, Dirty Santa, Yankee Swap or the Grinch Game, holiday gift exchanges call for a universally appealing present.

There are so many reasons that our insulated bowls make awesome gifts for, well…. just about anyone and here are our top 5 why these bowls will be the coolest gift at your exchange.


1. Ice cream is always a safe bet!
According to Dairy Foods, 45% of Americans report that frozen treats are their favorite indulgence and with an average consumption of 20 pounds of frozen desserts per year, it’s clear our love for these sweet scoops knows no seasonal bounds. You’d be hard pressed to find someone at your gift exchange who doesn't like ice cream (and if you do, see #2).

2. For cold or hot
Originally created to keep your ice cream from melting, these snazzy bowls are more than just a single-purpose item. Besides keeping your frozen scoops perfectly chilled, these bowls are superheroes that keep dips and smoothie bowls cold longer and soups, stews, chili and pasta hot longer too. The exterior doesn’t change temperatures making frosty or burned fingertips are a thing of the past.

3. Very versatile
They’re the perfect companions for any ice cream adventure! From BBQs to pool parties, beach days to picnics, or just a cozy night at home, long lasting treats have never been easier. Lids are included for convenient treats on-the-go and the durable construction and grippy base make them safe for kids and glass-free zones.

4. They're sustainable
Not just sleek and stylish, Calicle bowls are planet-friendly too. They are infinitely reusable and make a great alternative to single use bowls. Fill them at your fav scoop shop to cut down on waste while enjoying longer lasting treats. Plus, they come in fully recyclable packaging and we give back to support coral reef preservation.

5. Enjoy year-round use
Gifts shouldn’t be tossed or forgotten days or weeks after receiving them. These bowls work their temperature maintaining magic all year long. From warm winter soups to summer's frosty treats, it’s a gift that keeps on giving, spoonful after spoonful for years to come.


If you're ready for your gift to steal the show at your next White Elephant gift exchange, wrap up our versatile and oh-so-cool insulated bowl set and enjoy for some seriously fun gift swapping as everyone tries to nab this sweet set.