11 Ways to Style Your Calicle Bowl for Fall

11 Ways to Style Your Calicle Bowl for Fall

From breakfast to dessert, these are the bowls you need for a tasty fall (and 10 of them don't involve ice cream)

We know that ice cream lovers are scooping up the sweet stuff all year round (really, Americans eat an average of 23 pounds of frozen desserts each year according to the International Dairy Foods Association), and Calicle insulated bowls are the ultimate dish to keep your favorite frozen treats from melting (find out why they melt). However, these versatile bowls can be used to maintain the perfect temperature for so many other foods as well. Enjoy the season in the most delicious ways with our top picks for fall-inspired bowls to enjoy all day long.


Start the morning off right with a warm, hearty bowl to fuel you up for the day.

You can’t go wrong with oatmeal – it’s filling, full of fiber and the topping options are endless. We suggest adding cooked apples and cinnamon or pumpkin and pumpkin spice for extra fall vibes.

Pink Calicle Insulated Bowl filled with apple raisin oatmeal
Farmer's Breakfast
With all the food groups, this hot bowl is perfect for breakfast (or lunch, or dinner). Top roasted potatoes (or hashbrowns) with scrambled eggs, bacon and cheese (and veggies if desired). Feeling spicy? Top it with a bit of salsa or jalapeños for some kick.
Blue Calicle Insulated Bowl filled with Farmer's Breakfast


As the leaves turn and sweater weather rolls in, it's time for warm meals. Salads and sandwiches can wait for warmer days.

There’s no better way to warm up on a chilly day, from classic chicken noodle to a seasonal squash soup, you’re sure to find one to enjoy.

White Calicle Insulated Bowl filled with Chicken Tortilla Soup

Like soup, there are so many variations of chili - inspiring chili competitions across the country. However you like it, it’s the perfect fall food (it's no coincidence that October is National Chili Month). Need inspo? Try a pumpkin chili for cozy fall feels.

Pink Calicle Insulated Bowl filled with Chili and Chips


Entertaining for Thanksgiving, hosting a get together, or just feeling fancy? Whenever you have appies, Calicle bowls will keep them warm.

Crab dip
Some foods are just meant to be warm. Forget about reheating, you can chat it up with friends and family while your crab dip stays toasty.

Blue Calicle Insulated Bowl filled with Crab Dip
Apple pie dip
This dip is the essence of fall flavors and is perfect paired with cinnamon tortilla chips for dipping (or just devour it by the spoonful). Got leftovers? Pile them on your oatmeal for an easy autumn breakfast.
Blue Calicle Insulated Bowl filled with Apple Pie Dip


Comfort foods are usually warm and these cozy dinner bowls are no exception.

Pasta gets cold so quickly so put that Calicle bowl to work to keep it warm. For extra fall feels, try pasta with a pumpkin or squash-based sauce. Or, stick with a classic spaghetti like we did.
Blue Calicle Insulated Bowl filled with Spaghetti
Rice Bowl
Since summer salads have vanished, stir-fries and rice bowls are a delicious way to get those veggies back in your diet. They’re also a great way to clean out the fridge. WIN!
Black Calicle Insulated Bowl filled with Rice, Chicken and Veggies


We couldn’t forget about dessert (really, it’s just not possible). So read on for some sweet ideas to finish off the day.

Ice Cream
Ice cream is often our top pick even in cooler weather. We tried an easy DIY no-churn pumpkin spice ice cream for fall (recipe here), and yes, it really has pumpkin in it. Cool tip - Calicle bowls keep your hands warm and your treats cold thanks to their vacuum insulation, which prevents the outside of the bowl from changing temperatures.
Black Calicle Insulated Bowl filled with Pumpkin Spice Ice Cream
Looking for something a bit lighter? Mousse is the answer. Whether homemade or from a mix, you can’t go wrong with this fluffy choice. Whipped cream and chocolate sprinkles optional (but highly recommended)!
Pink Calicle Insulated Bowl filled with Chocolate Mousse
While not the most photogenic, few desserts are more fun (or nostalgic) than Jell-O. Too basic? Add fruit for a Jell-O salad or gummy treats to make a “fish bowl” for the kids (or yourself, we won’t judge).
White Calicle Insulated Bowl filled with green Lime Jell-o

However you fill them, Calicle triple insulated bowls will keep your food at the perfect temperature longer than any traditional bowl (up to 200% longer to be exact). So, if you want your hot foods to stay hot, and cold foods kept nice and cold, then our bowls have got you covered.

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